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Other Advantages of joining the 'Fast Action Scheme'

 1. Combat infringements outside exhibitions

Besides monitoring infringements in exhibitions, the ‘Fast Action Scheme’ can also assist members to combat infringements found outside exhibitions. With the information filed, warning letters issued will be more effective and the efficiency of litigations can be raised. 
C & ED will help every enterprise; even small size ones, to combat infringements. With sufficient information about the infringed IP rights, officers of C & ED can process a complaint more effectively within one to two weeks. 
2. Enhance the efficiency in civil litigations
If an IP right owner suspect any infringement of their rights through information from the website, magazine or a third party, he/she can issue a warning letter to the offender through his/her solicitor(s). Before all relevant information about the IP right is ready, the power of the warning letter is limited because of the lack of information. The offender may challenge his/her ownership and require the claimant to further provide evidence of his/her ownership. The claimant may have to spend one to two months for every case. 
However, with all the information ready in our database under the Scheme, the warning letter can be issued with more details and the claimant can protect against his/her right more effectively.
3. Guarantee credibility 
Members can also make use of their membership to the scheme to promote their products. HKBPA will issue a reference number for every product registered under the Scheme. Members can follow the guides by HKBPA and print the reference number on their products to indicate that their products are protected under our Scheme. Any person who buys the above products should report to the C & ED. People should not buy products with reference numbers printed as they may risk civil and criminal liability. 

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